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Anatomy of a Major Website Project

July 16, 2015

16NTC Submissions

I attended the Nonprofit Technology Conference last March and was inspired to submit a session proposal for next year’s conference. So much of our work here at Jazkarta helps non-profit organizations do their jobs better – through their websites and back office systems – that I feel we have lots of useful information to share. So I proposed to tell the story of the major website redesign project that Jazkarta and Percolator Consulting did with The Mountaineers. The story would cover the full project life cycle, from strategy definition through support and ongoing changes. It would be told from 3 perspectives: the team responsible for the front end CMS, Plone (that’s us), the team responsible for the back end CRM, Salesforce (that’s Percolator), and the team responsible for defining, funding, managing, and coordinating this massive project (that’s The Mountaineers). And it would give us the opportunity to highlight the practices that made this project so successful. Things like:

  • How we defined requirements, content types, and data model
  • The importance of user experience (UX) design
  • The agile process we used to manage implementation
  • Coordinating a large number of volunteers testing the new site
  • Planning and executing a complex launch process involving front end and back end data migrations

The session is called Anatomy of a Major Website Project and if you think this would be a good addition to next year’s NTC and to share with the non-profit community more broadly, please head over to the 16NTC site and upvote it!

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