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Jazkarta wins CMSA Spotlight award for best education website

May 10, 2010

I attended the CMSExpo 2010 conference in Chicago last week, and on the final day of the conference there was an awards ceremony to recognize outstanding work in the professional CMS community.

I’m happy to report that Jazkarta won an award for the Best Plone-Powered Education Website: Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Much of the credit goes to Mike Trachtman, the project manager who stayed cool and focused during challenging times. His commitment to the project and servicing the customer was exceptional. Thanks Mike!

Also, I must commend the Harvard SEAS team for all their hard work in migrating the content to the website and intranet, and for being champions of Plone within the school. Thanks to everyone at Harvard SEAS for giving us this opportunity to work with you.

Within the Harvard community, the SEAS website has gotten some kudos as well. It was voted the Best Harvard Website by the Harvard Voice, Harvard’s student-life magazine.

Harvard was gracious to host the last two World Plone Day events. Below are the slides from one of the presentations by Eliza Grinnell and Lesley Lam, reflecting on one year with Plone at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

See previous posts about the Harvard SEAS project:

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