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Sprinting in Sorrento

April 22, 2019

Sunset over the island of Capri, as viewed from the sprint venue

This year I helped organize the annual sprint in Sorrento called the Plone Open Garden. Plone is a highly secure and feature rich open source content management system written in Python. Plone has no single company behind it, its IP is held by a non-profit foundation. Progress on the software happens through the efforts of a self-directed community, whose members sponsor sprints to work on particular problems.

PLOG took place April 12-19 and it was a great success, attended by 18 people from 7 countries. There were two training classes:

  • Porting Plone sites and add-ons to Python 3
  • Creating a web application using the restapi and Volto, the new React front end for Plone

We also accomplished a lot of work:

  • Python 3 ports of over a dozen Plone add-ons
  • Accessibility improvements for classic Plone and Volto front ends
  • New Volto features and documentation
  • Marketing discussions
  • Documentation discussions
  • …and various other Plone improvements

I posted a news item on that describes the details of what we accomplished. But Plone sprints have a social side as well as a technical side. Friendships are renewed, meals and news are shared, and a good time is had by all. This year’s PLOG was true to form. Here are some of the things we enjoyed.

1) Breakfasts at the Hotel Mediterraneo, the sprint venue since 2007. Pictured below is the pastry table; there are also tables for cheeses, meats, fruits, breads, cereals, eggs, and more. You can squeeze your own orange juice and optionally add some Prosecco.

Breakfast buffet at the Hotel Mediterraneo - the pastry table

Dinners, also included, are a wonderful way to end a day of sprinting. First and second course, plus dessert.

A typical dessert at the Hotel Mediterraneo

2) Happy hour at the Mediterraneo. We book the rooftop for happy hour at least once during the sprint, where we enjoy the sunset over Capri (pictured at the top of this post) and the extensive cocktail menu. That’s a Black Mohito at the top and a Negroni at the bottom.

 Drinks from the Hotel Mediterraneo cocktail menu

3) Excursions. One day we walked to Sorrento’s old harbor and had lunch with a view of Mount Vesuvius.

A view looking down at Sorrento's old harbor

4) Being with old friends and meeting new ones. Always the best part.

Sprinters on the rooftop of the Hotel Mediterraneo


Announcing collective.siteimprove

September 12, 2018

Screenshot of collective.siteimprove UI, expanded

As I reported back in May, at our last Jazkarta sprint Witek and Alec began work on a Plone add-on, collective.siteimprove, that provides integration with the Siteimprove content quality checking service. I’m pleased to announce that the add-on has now been thoroughly vetted by the folks at Siteimprove and the resulting version is available from Pypi!

What Is Siteimprove

Siteimprove is a respected service for maintaining and improving web content quality. Customers who sign up for the service get automated scans of their websites which check for content quality, accessibility compliance, SEO, data privacy, and performance. Site rollups and per page reports are available via email and from a customizable dashboard at

Siteimprove also provides an API which allows for the development of CMS plugins – integrations of the Siteimprove service within content management systems. This allows content editors to get immediate feedback on pages that they publish. This is great because it lets editors see problems while they are in the process of editing a page, instead of getting a report after the fact and needing to click through links to fix things.

Graphic explaining how Siteimprove works


Why Siteimprove for Plone

Plone, the premier Python-based open source content management system, is an enterprise scale CMS that is widely used by large organizations with large websites. These are just the types of organizations that can benefit from a tool like Siteimprove, which has a reputation for being an excellent service for maintaining and improving website content.

The Jazkarta team was delighted to be able to contribute to the Plone community by creating an add-on that integrates Siteimprove’s CMS plugin features into the Plone editing process. Now anyone with a Plone website can easily integrate with Siteimprove simply by installing an add-on – all the integration work has been done.


After collective.siteimprove is installed on a Plone site, there will be a new control panel where Siteimprove customers can request and save a token that registers the domain with After that, authorized users will see an overlaid Siteimprove button on each page that shows the number of issues found.

Screenshot of the collective.siteimprove UI, collapsed


When clicked, the overlay expands to show a summary report of page errors and an overall score, as shown in the image at the top of this post. After an edit, users can click a button on the overlay to request that Siteimprove recheck the page. They can also follow a link to the full page report at

Plone+Siteimprove FTW

Now anyone who has a Plone website can easily integrate with the Siteimprove service and take advantage of all of Siteimprove’s enterprise-scale features while they are working on their content!

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